News Cutting Regarding PRP

An unsupported news has been published by a newspaper that EC issued NOC regarding PRP. We are not taking any responsibility of the authenticity of the news.

Cabinet Note for PRP prepared

The minutes of COS meeting held on 12.3.14, in which PRP Proposal was agreed to, prepared and circulated . Consequently, the Cabinet Note has also been prepared and sent to Election Commission  on 26.3.14 for NOC. The Note will be put up to Cabinet for its approval after receipt of NOC from EC.

Dept. of Public Enterprises Guidelines regarding Bond

Dept. of Public Enterprises Guidelines
Enforcement/transfer of bond in respect of employees of Public Enterprises who leave the services of one Undertaking to join another Undertaking/ Government.


A screen shot on the above subject is enclosed for the benifit of our members.

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Record Note of Discussion held on 24.2.14 with all Directors of CIL

CEC members of CMOAI Apex had a meeting with all Ddirectors of CIL on 24.2.14 . The Record Note of the said meeting is now published for the information of general members of CMOAI


Minutes of the Meeting held with CIL management on 13.3.14

 A  copy of minutes received  is displayed for the information of Members of CMOAI.


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Outcome of meeting with CIL

COS recommended PRP proposal.

NPS after approval of PRP by cabinet

Committee to be constituted for settlement of anamaly.

Meeting in April for career growth

Details follow



News Flash

अधिकारियों की हड़ताल से 70 प्रतिशत उत्पादन प्रभावित
रांची : कोल इंडिया सहित सहायक कंपनियों के अधिकारी गुरुवार से तीन दिवसीय हड़ताल पर चले गए। एसोसिएशन ने दावा किया है कि हड़ताल के कारण सीआइएल स्तर पर 70 प्रतिशत कोयले का उत्पादन व प्रेषण प्रभावित हुआ। चालू वित्तीय वर्ष का आखिरी महीना चल रहा है। अधिकारियों की हड़ताल चलती रही तो कोल इंडिया सहित सहायक कंपनियों का उत्पादन व प्रेषण लक्ष्य दिशा से भटक जाएगा।

सीसीएल में प्रतिदिन ढाई लाख टन कोयले का उत्पादन हो रहा था। लेकिन हड़ताल की वजह से 70 प्रतिशत उत्पादन व प्रेषण प्रभावित हुआ है। कोल माइंस ऑफिसर्स एसोसिएशन के बैनर तले सीसीएल के अधिकारी गुरुवार को गेट के बाहर सुबह आठ बजे से शाम पांच बजे तक बैठे रहे।

सेंट्रल कोलमाइंस प्लानिंग एण्ड डिजाइन इंस्टीच्यूट (सीएमपीडीआइ) में भी अफसर हड़ताल पर रहे। एसोसिएशन के अधिकारियों ने वैसे अधिकारियों को सामाजिक बहिष्कार करने की बात कही है जो बहाना बनाकर हड़ताल के दिन टूर पर चले गए। सीसीएल के एक दर्जन ऐसे अधिकारियों को चिह्नित किया गया जिन्हें हड़ताल के दिन सीसीएल में काम करते देखा गया। वहीं एक दर्जन से उपर वैसे अधिकारियों को चिह्नित किया गया, जो बहाना बनाकर टूर पर चले गए।

हड़ताल को सफल बनाने में सीएस अजर, मैनेजर सिंह, एडी बाधवा, एके सिंह, टीके सेन, आरआर कुमार, एसके मित्रा, एमपी सिंह व आरएन राय आदि की भूमिका रही।


एसोसिएशन की मांगें

- प्रदर्शन आधारित भुगतान 8.5 प्रतिशत ब्याज के साथ किया जाए।

- सेवानिवृत अधिकारियों को दिया गाय पीआरपी का 75 प्रतिशत की वूसली पर रोक लगाकर काटा गया टैक्स को वापस किया जाए।

- न्यू पेंशन स्कीम को अविलंब लागू कर जमा राशि पर 8.5 प्रतिशत का ब्याज दिया जाए।

- वेतन पदोन्नति व वेतन पुनरीक्षण के कारण उत्पन्न विसंगतियों को दूर किया जाए।

- 50 प्रतिशत डीए का मूल वेतन में अविलंब समायोजन किया जाए।
from Dainik Jagran,


Meeting between CMOAI apex and CIL

A marathon meeting between CMOAI apex and CIL has started. Results are yet to come. Till then, Keep visiting our site.

Strike is on

Strike is on . We are all going to strike from tommorrow. Dont believe in any rumar. Vist our site for every authentic  updates.

No Issue Settled, only option GO FOR STRIKE

Today, meeting between CIL management and CMOAI has completed and no issue relating to our strike notice has been settled. So friends, only option is to go for strike and to show our strength to Minstry and Management.

Meeting at SECL HQ in support of Strike

A meeting was held on 5.3.14 evening in Vasant Club of SECL HQ in support of strike. In this meeting the CMOAI Apex president Sri S P Singh and Secretary General Sri P K Singh were also presnt. Mr. K Pandey, General Secretary of CMOAI, SECL Branch informed the background of the necessity of calling strike. Mr. R S Gupta, President CMOAI, SECL branch elaboreately inform the house regarding the  status of PRP and New Pension Scheme proposal at Ministry and the root cause of the problem arising to approve PRP proposal by the ministry. Mr. P K Singh stated the efforts taken by the CMOAI Apex body to through PRP proposa. and stated the condition under which CMOAI has taken a decision going to strike. Mr. S P singh also stated the CMOAI stand for strike and prose and cone of the strike.


Image 2

Image 3

Strike Notice Served by CMOAI, SECL Branch

CMOAI, SECL branch has also served 3 days strike notice to SECL management on the SECL issues ( Annexure II) in conjunction with CMOAI, Apex who has served 3 days strike notice ( Annexure I) to Coal India Management.

Strike Notice served by CMOAI, SECL Branch

CMOAI served strike notice on 24.2.14

Dear Friends,


Please tighten your waist belt and be ready for long term agittation including strike to obtain our legitimate demand for PRP and New Pension Scheme. Read full strike notice served by the association and give it a wide publicity.

Strike Notice Dt. 24.2.14

100% Successfull 1st Day Strike

Congratulation to all CMOAI members. We have shown our unity and strength. Strike is 100% successful.

Automatic Hand Over of Mines & Activities to owners

See the recept copy of the letter issued to management. 


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Automatic Charge Handover

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Letters to different authorities by President

President CMOAI, SECL Branch has written a number of letters regarding various issues to different authorities.


Letter 2

Letter 3

Letter 4

letter 5

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CMOAI-apex activities in last 2 months

CMOAI Apex has issued a release describing the the efforts made by them in last 2 months regarding PRP and New Pension Scheme and described in detail the latest position under which accociation has called strike notice.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

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Letters to Authorities by General Secretary

General Secretary has recently wrote letters to SECL and CIL Authorities regarding non communication of EER for the year 2012-13, removal of anamolyof executives in E1/E2/E3 Promotion of Executives etc.


Letters to different authorities bt General Secretary

Non Communication of EER 2012-13

Removal of anamolies of the executives in E1/E2/E3

Letters of Prsident & Gen Secretary to the management on Strike & other issues

Various Letters written by the President & General Secretary of CMOAI, SECL Branch on ensuing Strike  and other issues. Every member should go through it for latest updates. strike.pdf