President's Desk

Dear Member,

It is disheartening to note that the Chairman CIL and D(P&IR) could not keep their promise to get the proposal cleared through CIL Board on dated 12.11.11 for following the old policy for issuing promotion orders from E-6  to E-7 grade.   During the meeting with CMOAI  they expressed their concern to the extent that the proposal will be cleared, if required, even by majority votes. We do not know, what happened in the Board room and  why a  delay element in the form of a reference to standing HR committee have been added  for making the recommendations and placing it to next Board meeting ? we  know and need not to repeat the status of unrestness amongst the executives due to stagnation for more than fourteen years in a grade. A straw can break the back of a camle at a stage. So is the situation with executives stagnating in a grade.But what to  do now ? let us see in what manner CIL is going to issue promotion order by Nov.2011.

       As the review meeting with H'ble minister for Coal, Govt. of India is likely to take place in mid DEC.2011 for status of implementation of agreed points by CIL and also to measure the commitment of CMOAI  for improving the production and offtake, I still feel that we must keep our commitement for improving the production and despatch till the review meeting to emphasize the power of motivation. After all one of the commitement regarding payment of advance equivalent to 75% of PRP is going to be met shortly.


With Regards